DFIRM- Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Depending on your internet connection speed, each panel may take a while to download. Use the interactive map or the map index links to determine which panel(s) to use for the area of interest. Use the FEMA link to find the most up-to-date information, view/buy panels, or make a FIRMette. A LOMR is a Letter of Map Revision. Two LOMRs have been in effect since July 27, 2012; changes were made to the Base Flood Elevation for Special Flood Hazard areas on Panels 0216 and 0217.

Interactive City Map with DFIRM Panel Overlays
Current FEMA Issued Flood Maps for the City of Troutdale (FEMA Map Service Center)


Map Index of DFIRM Panels (41051CIND0A) (Multnomah County, Oregon and Incorporated Areas)

The FIRM panels are the only official flood maps for the city, adopted by City Ordinance 798
for compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program.