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Geographic Information Sytems (GIS)

Welcome to the City of Troutdale's GIS Website.
Our GIS section, part of the Engineering Department at Public Works, provides various mapping services to support the City of Troutdale. Some current uses of GIS within the city include cartography, planning, zoning, street improvements, and infrastructure management (water, storm, and sewer utilities). We are dedicated to providing customers with access to geographic information through maps (published and interactive) and data query tools. To improve our GIS services, we would like to hear from you. Please email questions and/or suggestions you may have to our GIS staff.

For more in-depth and up-to-date information or maps please contact us by email at

Important Disclaimer
All digital information offered here is for easy access to the general public and for general information purposes only.  The  information provided on this page is schematic in nature and is not error- free. It should not be used for design purposes and is subject to change without notice. All information found on this site is used at your own risk; the City will not accept any responsibility for its use.